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Most Spanish nationality applicants manage to pass exams

Eleanor Hawkins

SINCE reforms to the Civil Registry regulations came into effect on October 15, 2015, 52,693 people have sat the new exams, which must be passed to apply for Spanish nationality, and 94 per cent of them passed according to the Cervantes Institute’s statistics department.

With the changes in October, the institute became responsible for evaluating candidates’ knowledge of both the Spanish language through DELE diploma tests and of the Spanish Constitution and general social and cultural facts through the CCSE test.

Dele Exam Passrate

To date, Cervantes Institute sources have reported, there have been eight examinations and since May, due to high demand, official exam centres (mainly language schools and universities) have been authorised to examine two groups on test days (on the last Thursday of each month) to speed up the process.

Exams cost €85, which gives candidates two attempts to pass in an 18-month period), at least 15 of the 25 questions must be correctly answered to pass, and passes are valid for four years, institute sources explained.

Some of the questions seen in exams so far include the location of Adolfo Suarez airport, which city boasts Spain’s most important fishing port, the country’s most exported product and which profession has limited rights to become involved with trade unions.

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